Install Clash on Windows

1. Choose your platform

2. Install Stack

Download Stack from and install it. Stack is a build tool for Haskell / Clash projects.

3. Setup Clash

Depending on your goals, you might want to simply run Clash on its own, or setup a proper project. The first one will get you up and running quickly and you won’t have to learn build tools. However, you won’t be able to use dependencies from Hackage and it is harder to get a consistent build environment.

Option A. Run Clash on its own

The following compiles a file HelloWorld.hs to VHDL:

stack exec --resolver lts-19 --package clash-ghc -- clash HelloWorld.hs --vhdl

Option B. Setup a starter project

To setup a new project based on the provided starter projects, run:

stack new my-clash-project clash-lang/simple

This will create a new project called my-clash-project in a folder named the same. The folder will contain a to get you up and running. Alternatively, you can read it online.