Clash 1.4 released

We’ve just released Clash 1.4 to the world. We’ve summarized the most important changes in this blogpost.

Clash 1.2.2 and future plans

Last Friday we released Clash 1.2.2 on GitHub. In big part thanks to our lovely community, we’ve found and fixed many bugs. Thanks to some patches, Clash even runs anywhere from 2-20% faster for some common design patterns! With this blogpost I’d like to highlight some of the progress we’ve made since the 1.2 release, and elaborate on our future plans.

Clash 1.2 released

As promised when releasing 1.0, we’ve tried our best to keep the API stable. We think most designs will continue to compile with this new version, although special care needs to be taken when using: ..inline blackboxes. Instead of taking a single HDL, inline primitives now take multiple. For example, InlinePrimitive VHDL ".." must now be written as InlinePrimitive [VHDL] "..". ..the Enum instance for BitVector, Index, Signed, or Unsigned, as they now respect their maxBound.

Clash 1.0 released!

It’s here! Clash 1.0 is finally released! And it has a binary release for the very first time! Check out the install instructions instructions on how to get it! 10 years old First a short retrospective: the very first demonstration of the Clash compiler was given on the 3rd of September 2009 at the Haskell'09 Symposium in Edinburgh: We were planning the 1.0 release of Clash for some time now, but decided that such a momentous occasion should coincide with the 10 year anniversary of Clash (+1 day due to release engineering mishaps).

New website!

Welcome to the new Clash website! While the old website served us well, we wanted to have support for a blog: go check out our first two posts on matrix multiplication and systolic arrays. We wanted a static website for all the usual reasons (speed, security, etc), and decided to use hugo because: It’s popular, and consequently has many resources on how to customize and setup a site. Is simple to install because it’s a single statically compiled binary.