New website!

Welcome to the new Clash website! While the old website served us well, we wanted to have support for a blog: go check out our first two posts on matrix multiplication and systolic arrays.

We wanted a static website for all the usual reasons (speed, security, etc), and decided to use hugo because:

  • It’s popular, and consequently has many resources on how to customize and setup a site.
  • Is simple to install because it’s a single statically compiled binary.
  • It has a lot of features, including i18n support which we eventually want to use to have translated versions of our blog posts.

We’re using netlify to host the website because:

  • Automatically rebuilds and deploys the website when we push a change to the repo.
  • Support for custom domains and automatic HTTPS.
  • Has a great CDN ensuring speedy delivery and availability for our website across the globe.
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About Martijn Bastiaan
Martijn Bastiaan has been a software engineer at QBayLogic since 2017. He is an active contributer to the Clash compiler itself.