Install Clash

Binary distributions are not available for Windows and macOS. Please file a bug report if the following installation instructions do not work for you.

Linux (binary)

Clash is released as a binary package on snapcraft. Snap is supported on all major Linux distributions. Visit Clash’s snapcraft page scroll down, and choose your distribution for installation instructions. To install the latest stable version, use:

snap install clash

To install the latest development version of Clash, run:

snap install clash --edge

This version is updated every 24 hours.

Linux / macOS (source)

Install the latest nix and run:

curl -s -L | tar xz
nix-shell clash-compiler-1.0/shell.nix

You can find other install instructions (using Cabal or Stack) on

Windows (source)

  1. Install GHC Platform. Make sure to install Stack along with it.
  2. Download the source code of Clash 1.0
  3. Unpack the archive
  4. Use cd to navigate to the unpacked directory
  5. Run: stack build clash. This will take a while.

Try to compile one of the examples to see if it works:

stack run clash -- examples/Blinker.hs --vhdl

You can use clashi by invoking:

stack run clashi